Company Profile

3A SpeedChemical Inc (“SPC”) is an Advanced chemical supplier, has approximately 3,000 Available chemicals in stock and highly Appreciated to our customers. SPC is a privately held corporation headquartered in Shanghai, China. The company manufactures and distributes approximately 3,000 chemicals for use in the life sciences research and chemical industries. Since beginning its operations in 2006, SPC has developed a strong global customer base across leading research institutes, universities, contract research organizations and large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

SPC carries a wide range of products including Alcohols,  Alcohols, Amines, Amino Acids, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Boronic Acids, Boronic Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Carboxylic Acids, Chiral Auxiliaries, Crosslinkers, Indazoles, Indoles, Isonitriles, Ketones, Peptides, Piperazines, Pyrazoles, Pyridines, Quinolines, Thiazoles, and Unusual Amino Acids. All of these products are stored, tested and shipped from Shanghai, China. SPC takes pride in keeping over 80% of its products in inventory at any given time to facilitate second day shipment.

The in-house laboratory enables SPC to provide an unlimited variety of customized products to fit any client’s needs from microscale to bulk quantity. Please, do not hesitate to inquire about the custom synthesis capabilities.

In keeping quality paramount, SPC has invested in the following industry-leading analytical and production equipment:

  •     ☆ HPLC (variable wavelength, conductivity), GC, Karl Fischer
  •     ☆ UV/Visible & FT-IR spectrometers
  •     ☆ Parr Pressure Reactors (5 liter capacity)
  •     ☆ Preparative HPLC for purification of raw material (5 gram capacity)
  •     ☆ Rotary evaporators & glass reactors (50 liter capacity)

For more information about quality, please visit the Support page.