New Products Launched, Boronic Amino Acids


3A SpeedChemical Inc, a research company specializing in asymmetric organic synthesis and custom synthesis, has launched all sorts of Pinanediol Protected Boronic Amino Acids.  Using new technology the production team in 3A SpeedChemical Inc is able to produce these products in ~100 grams scale with high quality. For example:           (1) BoroGly-(+)-Pinanediol-HCl (SP-15001, CAS# 877314-87-9);
(2) (R)-BoroAla-(+)-Pinanediol-HCl (SP-15019, CAS# 919103-31-4);        
(R)-BoroVal-(+)-Pinanediol-HCl (SP-15004, CAS# 178455-04-4);
      (4) (R)-BoroLeu-(+)-Pinanediol-HCl (SP-15007, CAS# 779357-85-6); 
(5) (R)-BoroPro-(+)-Pinanediol-HCl (SP-15013, CAS# 147208-69-3);

      and etc.

These products have been widely used in the syntheses of peptidyl boronic amino acids, such as 
     (1) Velcade (Bortezomib, SP-13601, CAS 179324-69-7)
Ixazomib (SP-13725, CAS 1072833-77-2);
Delanzomib (CEP-18770, SP-13727, CAS 847499-27-8),
which were most used as inhibitors of protease. 
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